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CMLP Customer Forms



NEW Payments Portal FAQ

                    Service Application

                         If you are relocating to the city of Coggon or are a current CMLP customer moving to a new home within city limits, the following information is required:

  1. A completed Service Application

  2. Deposit - The deposit is determined by the highest utility bill within a previous 12 month period (with active resident usage).  The minimum deposit is $125.

  3. Photo ID - A photo identification card is also required for each adult that will be residing in the home.

These requirements are mandatory prior to having the electrical service switched on and into your name.  

Please return the completed form, deposit and photo id's to the office. 

Welcome to the city of Coggon!

                   Automatic Payment Withdrawal Form 

                        If you are interested in having your CMLP payments automatically withdrawn from your bank              account, please complete this form.  You can choose to have payments withdrawn on the 15th or the 29th of each month.  This will ensure that payments are made on time and avoid a nasty 10% late fee.

                         Rebate Claim Form

                         Coggon Municipal Light Plant offers Energy Star rebates.  This is the claim form.



Cost List of Operating Home Appliances

Many people are not aware of the cost for using electric appliances in their homes.  The attached document is designed to give you information about how much energy your household appliances use and how much they cost to operate each month.  The figures represent average energy consumption.  The figures are only estimates.  Actual energy consumption of your appliances and equipment will vary depending on the size of your family, the age and size of a particular appliance, how often it is used, and how the appliance was engineered.  Several other factors go into the cost of certain appliances, such as air conditioners or space heaters.

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